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Orthopedic Department

Carewell Hospital offers the latest orthopedic treatment and orthopedic advancements on par with the best centers in Aurangabad.


Joint Replacement

Dr. Abhishek Shinde is one of the best Joint replacement Surgeon in Aurangabad. He has Huge experience in this field of arthroscopy and joint replacement. Also, he has successfully Done many surgeries for joint replacement. If you have a joint problem and looking for a Joint Replacement Surgeon in Aurangabad then you can totally rely on Dr.Abhishek Shinde It’s a surgical method performed to replace the damaged joint with artificial implants. Total joint replacement is mostly done when the joint is badly damaged due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, post-traumatic arthritis, or vascular necrosis.

Arthroscopy Surgery

Dr. Abhishek Shinde, an orthopedic surgeon, can diagnose and treat multiple forms of bone and joint injuries using minimally invasive techniques. The use of an arthroscope, a special thin tool intended for viewing and treating problems within a joint, is the most minimally invasive orthopedic surgery. The arthroscope is so thin that, rather than longer incisions, it can be inserted into the joint by one or more small “keyhole” cuts through the skin. The arthroscope is equipped with a state-of-the-art miniature camera and a specialized lighting system that allows viewing on a display of the structures within the joint

Sports Medicine & Injury

The Sports Injury Center in Aurangabad of Dr. Abhishek Shinde is the most influential resource for quality health care, complete recovery, and injuries to sports and orthopedics. We are home to a team of specialist sports & orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, sports nutritionists, dieticians, who provide our active patients with a personalized patient-centered recovery plan by pursuing a multidisciplinary strategy to get them back to their active lives.

In our facility, along with our rehabilitation team, we treat athletes and non-athletes of all ages with top-of-the-line care that helps patients develop strength, improve balance, become more versatile, and increase their stamina.

Orthopedic Department